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Shichimi Almonds (spicy)

Seven Japanese spices and their smoky touch.

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100% Blanched Almond Butter

An extremely silky cream with the benefits of almond.

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Rosemary Almonds

EVOO and the freshness of rosemary.

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Truffle Almonds

Valencian almond with a touch of truffle aestivum.

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Belgian chocolate almonds

Salt, paprika and Belgian dark chocolate.

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Marcona Almond

The softness of the almond
and the touch of paprika.

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Cocoa Almond Butter

A smooth cream with the power of cocoa.

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Golden Almond

Honey, gold, and a touch of nougat aroma.

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Toasted Valencia Almond

The spicy and sweet touch of paprika.

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100% Almond Butter

The softness of almond
with the earthy character of the skin.

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los gourmapes

One day, they appeared in our trees. We’re not sure if they were drawn by the allure of the Mediterranean, the scent of the damp countryside after rain, or the afternoon sea breeze. They frolic while munching on our almonds. If they hear music, they peek into our windows. And if they see us dance, they dance. They laugh when we laugh. Perhaps they’ve stayed because, like us, they enjoy the Mediterranean way of life, or maybe it’s just for our almonds. But there they are, and we adore them. Dearest Gourmapes.


The Mediterranean blesses us with its climate. It provides well-drained soil, preventing puddles and thus strengthening the almond trees. It also gifts us with a deep-rooted tradition in almond production.

Gourmapes almonds are seasoned with high-quality blends and toasted by hand. From classic recipes made with extra virgin olive oil and smoked paprika to more complex ones that play with bold flavor fusions. All of this ensures that Gourmapes almonds and creams exceed all expectations.


Almendra dorada
Tarro de almendra dorada

We hand-toast Valencia almonds, combining the delicacy of rosemary honey, the touch of edible gold, and the subtle aroma of nougat to evoke the traditional flavors of Mediterranean cuisine.

It pairs perfectly with sparkling wines. It complements soft and creamy cheeses that enhance the flavors and texture of the almond while accentuating the sweetness of the rosemary honey. The hint of nougat makes them ideal for pairing with coffee, aromatic tea, and chocolate.


Almendra al chocolate belga
Tarro de almendra al chocolate belga

We toast peeled almonds with a touch of brown sugar, salt, and sweet paprika. Then we cover them with Belgian dark chocolate. The result is an irresistible and bold fusion of flavors.

It pairs well with red wines. The fruity notes complement the chocolate and highlight the smoky and salty flavors of the almond.

It pairs very well with coffee and is perfect for pairing with vanilla ice cream, adding the intensity of chocolate and the salty and crunchy touch of the almond.


Tarro de almendra al shichimi

We hand-toast almonds with paprika and a selection of Japanese spices with a spicy touch. We give them a smoky finish. A surprising fusion for its vibrant and characterful flavor.

Perfect with beer. The bitter notes balance the spicy touch of the almonds and enhance their spiced flavors. In mixology, especially those combinations that stand out for their acidity. Add it to salads. It will complement the fresh flavors with its crunchy and spicy touch. It is unbeatable when paired with green tea.


Almendra marcona
Tarro de almendra marcona tostada

We hand-toast the almond with a touch of salt and smoked paprika to find a surprising balance between the smoothness of the almond and the slightly sweet and spicy touch of paprika.

The bitterness of beer and the acidity of white wine mix with the smoothness of the almond, highlighting the paprika note.

Enjoy it with Manchego cheese and discover it in a spinach salad. They will add texture and flavor, while the paprika will complement the earthy flavors of spinach.


Almendra al romero
Tarro de almendra al romero

We hand-toast Valencia almonds with extra virgin olive oil, just the right amount of salt, and the touch of freshness and complexity provided by rosemary. A sensory journey that takes you to the Mediterranean.

Pair it with an aromatic white wine. The floral and fruity flavors will complement the fresh and complex aromas of rosemary.

With fresh or semi-cured goat cheese, in a Mediterranean salad. Rosemary will add a distinctive note, while the almond will add texture and flavor. Surprise with grilled fish, the rosemary will enhance the smoky flavors.


Almendra a la trufa
Tarro de almendra a la trufa

We hand-toast Valencia almonds with a touch of whole cane sugar and aestivum truffle, to enhance the almond flavor with the complex and aromatic intensity of the truffle. Unmatched.

Enjoy it with sparkling wine. The intense touch of truffle will blend with the freshness and effervescence of the wine. With sheep cheese. It pairs perfectly with fresh pasta. The intensity of the truffle will mix with the smoothness of the pasta, while the almond will add texture and a touch of sweetness.


Almendra valencia
Tarro de almendra valenciana tostada

We season the almond with a touch of salt and smoked paprika. We hand-toast it just enough to achieve a crunchy almond with the spicy flavor and sweet touch of paprika.

Pair it with beer, its freshness and smoothness will enhance the spicy and crunchy flavors of the almond. Perfect also to enjoy with a young wine, for its fruity and spicy flavor.

Enjoy it with a charcuterie board or a cured Manchego cheese, with salt-cured tuna and cured beef. The intense flavors will stand out with the spicy and toasted touch of the almond.


Crema de cacao
tarro CREMA de almendras con CACAO

The delicacy of the almond oils, enhanced by the toasting process, blend with the flavors of cocoa and its enveloping notes. A cream with an extremely silky texture thanks to the disk grinding and refining system. Rich in fiber and proteins.

Enjoy it in many ways. Spread it on toast or cookies. With pieces of fresh fruit like banana, strawberry, or apple. Add a spoonful of almond cream to your protein shakes. Use it as a topping for ice creams or in your cake fillings. Almond cream is so versatile that it stimulates the creativity of true gourmets.


Crema de almendra con piel
tarro CREMA de almendras con piel

The smoothness of almond oils, enhanced by toasting, blends with the earthy character provided by the almond peel. A cream with floral, coffee, and hay notes. With a silky texture thanks to the disk grinding and refining system. Rich in fiber and proteins.

In addition to spreading it on toast or crackers, awaken your creativity and combine it with Greek cheese, lemon juice, garlic, and cilantro, and you will have an almond cream dip to have with crunchy vegetables or pita bread. Give a special touch to pasta… Discover the thousand possibilities it has.


crema pelada
tarro CREMA de almendras peladas

An almond cream with an extremely silky texture thanks to the removal of the almond peel and the disk grinding and refining system. It brings floral, dried fruit, coffee, and hay notes. Rich in fiber and proteins.

Give a different touch to pasta and salads by combining the almond cream with spinach and pine nuts, or make a Gourmapes sandwich: almond cream on toasted bread, with apple slices, goat cheese, and arugula. There are many ways to make the most of almond cream. Innovating is what true Gourmapes do.